Our contribution to balancing family and work

At Ivoclar Vivadent, young people who wish to return to work soon after the birth of their child can make use of the company’s own “Milchzähne” day-care centre. The centre provides a loving home away from home for children as of the age of four months.

”There is a growing need among many of our employees for extra-familial childcare outside the home. We are responding to this need with the provision of a daycare center.”
Initiator Christina Zeller, CSR

A day at the centre is lots of fun: The children run around, play games, sing and rest. Nine educators divided into three groups are responsible for the children of the company employees. The centre operates from seven in the morning until six in the evening.


The centre is managed by the Pimbolino day-care association. The children are encouraged to develop at their own pace. They are taught social skills and an appreciation for their natural environment as well as for different cultures. In addition, they playfully learn to accomplish small household tasks. The centre has a large secure playground where children can play in fresh air.

“By offering a professionally equipped and run day-care centre we would like to make it easier for our employees to juggle their work and family life,” says Gerold Bischof, Head of Human Resources Schaan. “We are very pleased about the favourable response we have had to this offering.”

* “Tiny Teeth”