Attractive employer

Ivoclar Vivadent inspires people to smile every day with its innovative products and its employee-oriented corporate culture. Strong values promote and maintain a culture of mutual respect and provide a scope of action for all the company’s employees worldwide.

Employee development including advanced training and education constitute essential elements of a people-centred family-owned business with long-term goals. We define our further education standards for the entire company to ensure that a uniform curriculum is taught everywhere.

”Our corporate culture is the foundation for our success”
Gernot Natter, Director Corporate Human Resources

Ivoclar Vivadent welcomes and appreciates diversity at the workplace. We have established processes and guidelines in order to create a work-conducive environment in which our employees can develop and thrive. We foster a culture of mutual respect and collaboration. We believe in providing equal opportunities for women and men. The male-to-female ratio is almost equal throughout the company group.

Any form of wage discrimination is unacceptable at Ivoclar Vivadent. We have a job evaluation system in place and we carry out regular in-house wage reviews. This helps to prevent any imbalances from occurring with regard to remuneration. Ivoclar Vivadent has employee representatives in a number of company locations. They are responsible for promoting the close collaboration of the employees and the company management for the benefit of all the parties involved. Furthermore, they protect the rights of all the employees and convey their concerns to the appropriate authority.