Excellent trainee development

It is extremely important for young people to get their careers off to a good start - Ivoclar Vivadent is well-equipped to support young professionals in this phase.

The success of our economy depends on a well-educated young workforce. Therefore, vocational training is a significant component of our corporate strategy. In Schaan we offer vocational training in six different job fields: business administration, chemical laboratory technology, automation engineering, plant operation and computer science, specializing in systems engineering and application development. Professional training, personal development and health awareness building are the cornerstones of our program.

During their training, the learners work in various departments and sections of the company. They are closely supervised and optimally supported by our vocational trainers. Self-reliance and account- ability are strongly promoted to help learners become fully-fledged members of the company staff. We offer attractive entry-level jobs after they have completed their training. As a result, 75 per cent of our trainees take up permanent employment with Ivoclar Vivadent. The company has vocational training programs in Schaan (Liechtenstein), Ellwangen (Germany) and Naturns (Italy).