People are at the heart of all our activities. Our employees and our customers are the foundation of our success, since they inspire us anew every day.

Our customers inspire us

Actively responding to the requirements of our customers is in our unique Ivoclar Vivadent DNA. Our design and development of products and applications does not end when we have met the needs of our dentist and dental technician customers. We take into account the entire treatment procedure and the patients themselves.

Ideas for new products
We listen closely when our customers talk about their requirements and the daily challenges they face. In many cases, our customers give us the ideas that we need to develop new products and systems.

Research builds trust
Our team of researchers is passionate about developing comprehensive product systems. They collaborate with notable institutes, universities and other companies throughout the world with the aim of promoting the good health and well-being of people everywhere. The developments of Ivoclar Vivadent are the sum total of many years of experience, consistent market orientation and high-end technology.

Advanced training promotes growth
The education and advanced training of our customers is very important to us. We believe that our customers must have a sound knowledge of how to use our products in order to achieve efficient, high-quality results. Every day we welcome numerous dentists and dental technicians as well as opinion leaders and dealers at our 61 International Centers for Dental Education (ICDEs) and Partner ICDEs throughout the world. These centers provide us with many opportunities to convey our skills and know-how. Moreover, they enable our customers to acquire a high standard of knowledge of our products and their applications.