Integrity, Compliance & Ethical Values - the basis of our activities

We laid the foundation for our entrepreneurial success almost a hundred years ago. The basis for our ethical conduct was created at that time, too.

Code of Business Conduct

Ivoclar Vivadent AG strives to increase the company value for its customers, partners and employees on an ongoing basis by consistently building its capacity to compete. We understand that we can only achieve this objective if our success is based on fair and honest business conduct. Therefore, managers and employees have to be people of integrity whose actions are guided by fundamental ethical values.
Our Code of Business Conduct (CoBC) describes these fundamental ethical values. The Code of Business Conduct sets the standard for the way in which we deal with people inside and outside the company. The managers and the employees are equally responsible for abiding by the provisions of this Code.

Compliance Program

Compliance is an integral part of our business processes, because we take social responsibility very seriously. We have appointed a Corporate Compliance Officer to ensure that the measures and procedures defined in the corporate Compliance Program are appropriately implemented and further developed. Together with the Compliance Board, the Corporate Compliance Officer will constantly improve and drive the Compliance Program. Regional Compliance Representatives in our subsidiaries are responsible for the correct implementation of the program in their region.
For questions and queries about the Compliance Program, please contact


Reporting violations and misconduct

Ivoclar Vivadent’s highest concern is the adherence to legal provisions and in-house rules and directives. We have to recognize violations or deviations at an early stage in order to prevent any possible harm to the company, our employees and our business partners. Internal as well as external people can report any suspicions with possible risks for the company so that fair and appropriate steps can be taken within the company. In this context, both those who report actual or suspected violations and those who are suspected of violating our code are entitled to be treated with respect and fairness.
If you have any well-founded suspicions related to violations against legal provisions or in-house policies and directives with potential risk for our company, please submit a corresponding report on our reporting channel Tell me .
Ivoclar Vivadent will make sure that reporting persons are protected even if they share their name.

Statement on modern slavery and human trafficking

Ivoclar Vivadent AG is committed to fulfilling the highest trade and industry standards. This commitment is reflected in our responsible and sustainable practices as well as in our respectful treatment of our employees. We do not condone any type of abuse against our employees or other members of the work force. We require the same commitment of our business partners. For more detailed information please consult our “Modern Slavery Statement”.