Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

The health and safety of our employees is the most important asset of our company. With our measures to protect the environment we contribute to a sustainable society.

Successful certification

In the development of new products and the acquisition of raw and auxiliary materials and operating supplies, Ivoclar Vivadent evaluates the effects that these activities including transport and manufacturing will have on the environment and on the world’s natural resources.

Our environmental management system complies with ISO 14001:2015. Therefore, the company meets all its operational environmental responsibilities. The system focuses on planning, managing, monitoring and improving operational measures and processes as well as ensuring environmentally conscious company and personnel management. These actions go beyond fulfilling the legal requirements and they contribute to the ongoing enhancement of our company performance.

The Ivoclar Vivadent environmental management system has been successfully introduced and certified by TÜV SÜD at the company headquarters in Schaan as well as at the manufacturing facilities in Italy, the US and in the Philippines. Further Ivoclar Vivadent manufacturing facilities will be added to the list shortly. By 2021, ISO 14001:2015 will have been introduced (and certified) at all the production sites of the Ivoclar Vivadent Group.

Environmental performance

The following table lists the most important figures of our environmental balance sheet based on the information provided by company’s main production site located in Schaan (LI). Work is currently underway to incorporate the certified and uncertified facilities in our data management system. We are also planning to introduce GHG accounting and reporting in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Together with the industry’s energy agency, Ivoclar Vivadent has developed a program to consistently reduce the consumption of fossil fuel at its headquarters in Liechtenstein by 21 per cent by the year 2020 (basis: 2015/2016). Since the program was introduced, the power consumption (and therefore CO2 emissions) has already dropped quite significantly.


In fact, our energy requirements have consistently decreased over the past few year years. Apart from relying on electricity, we also make use of natural gas to heat our buildings and melt our ceramics.

Our new power plant has allowed us to considerably reduce our demand for natural gas for heating purposes. Moreover, state-of-the-art heat recovery technology enables us to save on heat energy. Extensive structural measures will improve our energy efficiency even further. Efforts are also being made to reduce our fresh water consumption. We have developed local water circulation systems and optimized water-related processes, which has significantly improved our environmental performance in this field.


At Ivoclar Vivadent waste is categorized as either disposable (hazardous waste and waste for incineration) or recyclable. The total amount of waste has decreased consistently over the past few years.

Progress of recycling efforts


Consistent, carefully managed processes and focused measures have increased the recycling rate and reduced our environmental impact.

“Using energy efficiently"

The new power plant not only supplies our headquarters in Schaan with electricity, it is also responsible for heating and cooling the buildings and generating compressed air. An interview with Peter Hartmann, Head of Health, Safety & Environment.


Peter Hartmann

Mr Hartmann, Ivoclar Vivadent has built a new power plant in Schaan. What is its function?
The new power plant houses all our heating, cooling and compressed air systems. In the past, these systems were scattered around the complex. Now they are all located in one centralized place.

What is the biggest advantage over the previous arrangements?
By consolidating the different areas, we can now use energy more efficiently, for example, by introducing heat recovery technology. The modern technology behind the facility is highly reliable and maintenance friendly. Furthermore, the new power plant fulfils very high ecological standards.

What kind of a role does renewable energy play at Ivoclar Vivadent?
Renewable energy is an important component of the sustainable development process. In the course of implementing refurbishments at our facilities we will address a number of issues (e.g. insulation) which will help us to improve our energy efficiency. In addition, we are planning to increase our use of photovoltaics. We first used this technology when we were building the new day-care centre. We will be making more use of solar energy as we continue to upgrade our facilities and construct the new building for the company headquarters.


The new power plant at the Schaan headquarters