Taking responsobility


Ivoclar Vivadent supports and provides guidance to numerous social and charitable projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Ivoclar Vivadent

Responsible action is more than just a catchphrase for us. We are committed to acting sustainably throughout our entire value chain. In order to save natural resources we take into consideration ecological aspects when we develop new products, procure raw and auxiliary materials and manufacture and ship our products.

Committed to the future

As the company has prospered over the years, the possibilities of assuming social, economic and ecological commitments have also grown. We seize these opportunities with enthusiasm and have launched a number of projects. It is important for us to share our success with others. This allows trust, satisfaction and fairness to grow. Mutual respect creates the balance we need to continue striving for excellence and sustainability.

Further Projects

Donation in Kind for Namibia, 2016

We supported “Dentists without Borders” with a generous donation in kind for Namibia/Africa. The donated materials were used to provide people in need of dental care with partial and complete dentures. With their teeth restored, the patients regained their self-confidence and started to apply for jobs again.

Smile Around the World in India and Brazil, 2015 and 2016

In collaboration with the World Dental Federation (FDI), Ivoclar Vivadent launched the Smile Around the World initiative. The objective of the initiative was to improve the oral health of children from poorer backgrounds. Kick-off was in India in September 2015. Only a year later, the initiative was introduced in Brazil.

Emergency relief for earthquake victims in Nepal, 2015

Following the destructive earthquakes in Nepal in April 2015, Ivoclar Vivadent donated 100,000 Swiss francs in support of the victims. In addition, the company liaised closely with the Nepal Dental Association. Together, we worked on the reconstruction of the oral health care system in the region.

Support of orphans in Cambodia, 2013

Ivoclar Vivadent supported a group of dental students who volunteered for the French charity ASPECA with a donation of materials. The team of students from the University Hospital of Basel travelled to Cambodia to provide oral health care to local orphans.

Support of typhoon victims in the Philippines, 2013

One of the strongest tropical storms ever recorded tore through the Philippines in 2013, causing catastrophic damage. Ivoclar Vivadent responded immediately by donating a total of 200,000 US dollars to support the survivors of the typhoon.

Financial support for street children in India, 2011

The Salaam Baalak Trust provides street children with the opportunity to get an education. Ivoclar Vivadent donated 20,000 Swiss francs to help the children into a settled life.

Emergency relief for earthquake victims in Haiti, 2010

Following the devastating earthquakes in Haiti at the beginning of 2010, Ivoclar Vivadent donated 300,000 Swiss francs for the victims and reconstruction of the affected areas. The charity Mary’s Meals was also a beneficiary of the donation.