Reflect 3/2016

IPS e.max Smile Award 2016

The materials to be used for the treatment are essential for a successful outcome. They should be clinically proven and be part of a coordinated product system. This is exactly one of the reasons why we launched the worldwide IPS e.max Smile Award. An international panel of renowned external experts assessed all the dental projects submitted. The panel of judges was just as impressed by the number and quality of the works submitted, as we, the initiators, were. We are pleased to give you in this issue of Reflect an insight into the award winning works from the three world regions.


  • Digitally designed and meticulously implemented
  • Esthetic harmony despite hypodontia
  • Paring down a complex case
  • Enhanced gingival esthetics for natural looking complete dentures
  • Realizing efficient and predictable posterior quadrant restorations

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