Reflect 1/2018

Reflect is a dental publication with one of the highest circulations worldwide. The magazine is published bi-annually and addresses dentists and dental technicians. It provides an overview of news regarding the dental market as well as advanced solutions and methods. The range of solved cases presented in Reflect is so wide that every dental professional will discover exciting news. The articles are written by internationally renowned authors from all over the world.


  • Sunny prospects: Using power to achieve brightness
  • Esthetic rehabilitation of a complex case
  • Digital and Dental: What is possible and what will be possible
  • Goldstandard for chairside restorations
  • Efficiancy and esthetics in the posterior region
  • Digital vistas: How smart glasses will change the way we work
  • Dental photography as marketing tool

Recent edition

The recent edition of Reflect (1/2018) is only available in print.