Products for dental technicians

Laboratory Professional

Our range of products and systems is tailored to your requirements in the laboratory and covers both fixed and removable prosthetics. For esthetic and predictable results.
Abnehmbare Prothetik

Removable Denture Prosthetics

Versatile solutions for customized prosthetics
Shape, shade and function of removable dentures should be individualized as much as possible to suit the specific characteristics of the patient. Versatile solutions allow a high level of customization - no matter what the indication is.

All our prosthetic materials and accessories are part of a functionally coordinated system of individual products, ranging from homogeneous denture base materials for high-precision processing in the IvoBase Injector and heat- and cold-curing ProBase denture base materials to the Stratos articulators and tray materials. These products empower technicians to produce high-quality dentures tailored to the needs of the individual patient.


Effective veneering with natural looking shades
Restorations of various types and sizes can be effectively veneered using the SR Nexco lab composite. Functionality, ergonomics and design are of primary importance. These features help you master everyday challenges and achieve durable, high-quality and natural-looking restorations.
Digital Technical Geräte

Ivoclar Digital

Digital workflow for laboratory professionals
Ivoclar Digital offers tailored process solutions for dental laboratories with a comprehensive CAD / CAM portfolio of materials, milling equipment and services.
This allows you to optimally coordinate all components and steps within the digital workflow for dental restorations. And we offer you the solution that best matches your requirements.


Complete range of alloys
We can look back on a long history of developing high-quality biocompatible dental alloys. Each alloy product is subject to stringent quality checks. You can flexibly select the best alloy that suits the given indication. The range of alloys includes high-gold alloys, gold-reduced alloys, palladium-based alloys and non-precious alloys.


Lifelike, long-lasting restorations
Individual clinical situations require specific restorative solutions. Our range of metal-ceramic materials provides you with the appropriate product and gives you the choice between single-layer and multiple-layer techniques.

The patented IPS Style metal-ceramic range contains materials with oxyapatite crystals and comprises components for single-layer and multiple-layer techniques. The IPS InLine PoM press-on-metal ceramic enables you to create accurately fitting esthetic restorations in a consistent reproducible quality in no time at all.


A furnace platform including ceramic, press and sintering furnaces
The Programat furnace platform comprises a variety of ceramic, press and sintering furnaces for different needs in the dental laboratory. Many customers turn specifically to ceramic furnaces such as the Programat P710 for their ease of use. Others appreciate the accurate high-grade results achieved with e.g. the high-end Programat EP 5010 or the compact Programat S1 1600 – a sintering furnace that enables short sintering processes and maximizes the efficiency in the lab.
Temporäre Materialien

Temporary Materials

Versatile materials for temporary restorations
The Telio range provides dental technicians and dentists with a comprehensive solution for temporary restorations. All components of this range are suited for conventional and implant-supported temporaries. The versatile products are formulated to be compatible with each other in terms of material technology and their shades are coordinated. Telio Lab offers virtually limitless flexibility in laboratory applications.


Esthetic all-ceramic materials for versatile treatment options

The IPS e.max range comprises both innovative lithium disilicate ceramics – suited for single-tooth restorations – and high-strength zirconia for long-span bridges. The range offers a universal layering protocol and precise shade coordination, both of which are extremely advantageous when designing combination work. This is the benefit of a single layering ceramic that can be used across the entire range.
The lithium disilicate all-ceramic materials are suited for both press and CAD/CAM techniques. They are available in several degrees of translucency, delivering a maximum level of esthetics.


Wide range of shapes, shades and materials
It is essential to customize the shade, shape and function of removable dentures as much as possible to achieve an ideal result. A variety of solutions are available to suit the requirements of various indications. Designed to match the age and characteristics of the individual patient, the SR Phonares II tooth line combines expressive anterior moulds with exceptional esthetic properties and wear resistance. Similarly, the SR Vivodent S PE tooth line also features an impressive design and excellent longevity.