Products for Dentists

For dental professionals

Faster, simpler and safer workflows: We supply dentists with suitable products and systems for every stage in the lifecycle of a tooth - for esthetic results and completely satisfied patients.

Impression Materials

Accurate and reliable materials for impression taking
Impressions form an important link in the communication between the dental practice and laboratory. Because a reliable impression determines the precision of the subsequent model and the final restoration.
Impression materials (addition silicones) such as Virtual are easy to handle, feature excellent physical properties and enable solutions that meet the requirements of the individual patient. Virtual CADbite is a fast setting scannable impression material especially designed for users who want to digitize their impressions for further processing.


Etchants and adhesives that are easy to use
The properties of adhesives have been continuously improved since they were first introduced. Today, universal single-component adhesives such as Adhese Universal have become the standard. They decrease the complexity of the treatment procedure by reducing the number of steps required for adhesive bonding. Adhese Universal can be quickly and conveniently dispensed from the VivaPen directly into the oral cavity, enabling dental professionals to minimize waste and maximize cost efficiency.

Luting Materials

Optimum results thanks to modern luting materials
High quality restorations deserve the best possible cementation material. Our range of modern luting materials includes: Variolink Esthetic – designed for the highest esthetic needs, SpeedCEM Plus – the self-adhesive resin cement, and Multilink Automix – the universal luting composite. Monobond Etch & Prime – the world's first glass-ceramic primer – eliminates the need for hydrofluoric acid etching of dental restorations. The Cementation Navigation System app helps you identify the right luting material for the clinical case at hand.


Treating root canals from the tip of the root
Endodontically treated teeth may well be used as abutments for prosthetic restorations. Ivoclar Vivadent offers you an array products for the reconstruction of damaged teeth - ranging from materials for root canal treatments to esthetic radiopaque endodontic posts.
Tetric Family

Restorative Materials

Efficient and coordinated
Our comprehensive range of restorative materials combines innovation with long-term clinical success. The physical properties and handling characteristics of the restorative materials have been consistently improved over the years, enabling dental professionals to achieve even better esthetics efficiency. The product offering ranges from the highly esthetic IPS Empress Direct composite and the 4-mm-composites Tetric PowerFill and Tetric PowerFlow to fluoride-containing compomers and user-friendly amalgams. For different needs and requirements in day-to-day dental care.


Coordinated equipment portfolio for effective treatment procedures
Ivoclar Vivadent offers a coordinated equipment portfolio, including the Bluephase LED curing lights, the Bluephase Meter radiometer and the Silamat mixer, for the effective processing of high-quality materials.
Ivoclar Digital

Ivoclar Digital

Digital workflow for dentists
Ivoclar Digital provides a comprehensive CAD/CAM portfolio that enables dentists to adapt the digital process to their requirements. The platform gives you access to all our components - bundled in an open and coordinated digital workflow. Your patients can benefit from accurate, highly esthetic restorations - efficiently produced in a single visit.

Polishing systems

For brilliant results
The Astropol, OptraPol and OptraFine polishing systems allow you to achieve smooth shiny surfaces on restorations made of composites, Ceromers or ceramics.


Customized oral health management
Healthy teeth should stay healthy. Restored teeth and tooth replacements should receive the care they need. A coordinated range of individual products enables you to offer your patients an oral health management tailored to their needs. The offering ranges from products such as Cervitec and Fluor Protector for preventive and dental care to caries risk and plaque tests.

Temporary Materials

Versatile materials for temporary restorations
Telio CS provides you with a comprehensive range of products for chairside temporary restorations: from composite materials for the efficient fabrication of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays to cements and desensitizers.

Working Accessories

Supporting optimum restorative procedures
Effective working accessories assist you in achieving the best possible treatment results. Our range of working accessories includes the OptraGate lip and cheek retractor, the OptraDam rubber dam and the OptraSculpt and OptraStick hand-held instruments.
Viva Style

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening kits – for use in the dental office and at home
Naturally white teeth are something many patients would like to have. We offer you a choice of VivaStyle products for in-office and at-home use to suit the individual requirements of your patients.

Tooth Jewellery

For a sparkling smile
Skyce are crystal glass stones that allow you to offer your patients a professional solution if they want to wear fashionable tooth jewellery.